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Adorable Kitty Night Light

Say hello to this squishy Adorable Kitty Night Light!

This Kawaii cat stays by your side and brings a variety of colors to instantly give you warmth and happiness. By simply tapping the cat lamp, you switch it on and change its colors to improve your mood. 😻

Rechargeable Color Changeable Silicone LED Sensitive Tap Control ...

It's made of washable silicone that's pleasantly soft to touch. It's the perfect cuddling toy you'll surely enjoy.

Cat Night-Light Tap The Kitty To Turn It On/Off - Cat Tap Lamp

Give yourself a little bit of purr to chase the gloom away or give you a good night's sleep. Get yourself an Adorable Kitty Night Light today! 😸


  • EASY TAP OPERATION: Get the Adorable Kitty Night Light activated by simply tapping it! Upon activation, the light is a warm yellow. The second tap gives you a three-color gradient light for three seconds. Give it another tap for the lamp to remain at your desired light color. Tap to turn off the lamp. The cycle repeats. Without any action, the Adorable Kitty Night Lightautomatically turns off after 1 hour.
  • CUDDLY KAWAII CAT: This ball of squishy purr is made of BPA-free soft silicone. It's made for touching AND cuddling!
  • LIGHT MOOD: Bring life to your room by matching your mood with its different colors. It's ideal for cozy downtimes, bedtime stories with kids, or slumber parties.
  • CUTE GUARDIAN: Kids would feel much safer having this Adorable Kitty Night Light beside them at night. It can help improve their nighttime and prevent them from feeling scared of the dark.
  • SAFE TO WASH: Whenever it needs a refreshing bath, you can easily and safely groom it as it's very washable. 


  • Material: ABS + silicone
  • Product size: 3.5 x 3.5 x 4.0"
  • Light source power parameter: 0.3W
  • Power supply: 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Working voltage: 4.5V
  • Light colors: Red, orange, yellow, neon green, blue, apple green, purple

Package Includes:

  • 1 x  Adorable Kitty Night Light
  • 1 x Manual Protection Status